Veteran Assistance

Veteran Assistance

estora brand team offers hassle-free access to medical cannabis for Canada‘s veterans by working hand-in-hand with Veterans Affairs to ensure seamless claim processing and prompt reimbursement.

We believe all eligible patients should have access to medical cannabis and we hold our veterans in high regard. We have created a pre-approval process to expedite access to medical cannabis for those in need.

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Patient Benefit

If you are approved for coverage with VAC, they will cover the cost of $8.50 per gram. estora brand team will provide cost coverage on the difference for any of our products that exceed that limit. This means that if you need a product that is over $8.50 per gram, we will pay the difference.

Veterans are also able to claim $300 for a vaporizing device every three calendar years. We will cover the difference between the cost of the device and the coverage cost from VAC.


Who is eligible?

We will submit medical cannabis claims if a veteran has:

  • A Veterans Affairs client number beginning with the letter ‘K‘
  • A completed Medical Document filled out by a health care practitioner
  • Confirmation of registration with us
  • A letter or documentation confirming your specific medical condition(s)

Veterans Affairs will also reimburse up to $300 every three calendar years for vaporizers. Please call our Customer Care team members at 1-855-794-2266 for details

How to apply?

The estora brand team believes in making the process as easy as possible, which is why we have a courtesy pre-approval program for veterans. This courtesy pre-approval program ensures that veterans will have access to medical cannabis during the approximate 6-week approval period by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).

This means that you can start treatment as soon as you are registered as a patient with us once we confirm your veteran status with Veterans Affairs.

Some important things to remember:

  1. When registering with us, please be sure to include you K# on your registration form or have your healthcare practitioner include it on your medical document.
  2. Your medical document should also include a diagnosis from your healthcare practitioner.
  3. We’ll work with Veterans Affairs to confirm all of your information as quickly as possible, and let you know once your application has been reviewed .
We encourage all veterans considering medical cannabis to contact our Customer Care Team or email us at:


Mon – Fri, 9 am – 7 pm EST

Sat and Sun, 9 am – 5 pm EST

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