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Why estora branded products?

We have returned with a new name and mission.

Introducing estora, a medical cannabis brand of Phoena.

We don’t just want to be your medical cannabis provider. We want to be your partner,

and join you in your moments that matter.

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Products designed keeping our patient’s needs in mind

We are grateful for the opportunity to produce familiar medical cannabis products.

We pride ourselves on our commitment and ability to continue to evolve our products based on research and our patients’ needs.

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Patient support that’s ready when you are

We are here to empower you on your journey with medical cannabis and our Customer Care Team is here to help.

We understand that your experience is unique to you and that you require support along the way. We have organized our resources to guide you whenever you need assistance.


Informing your wider care network

We know how important it is to include your care providers in the decision to start or maintain your treatment regimen with medical cannabis.

We are making it easier and more possible for healthcare practitioners to stay up to date with research so you can have the support you need.


We are committed to making your journey as smooth as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team with questions.


How can I renew?

Get a new medical document

If your medical document is about to expire or is currently expired, this option may be for you.


Book an appointment with your healthcare practitioner to request a new medical document and have them fax it directly to us at 1-844-295-6641.


Contact your current licensed holder to cancel your registration via email. You should include your name, as well as your applicable patient ID, and a written request to close your account.

Transfer an existing medical document

If your medical document is still valid and you would like to avoid making additional appointments with your healthcare practitioner, this option may be for you.


Contact your current licensed holder to transfer your existing medical document to us. You should include your name, your applicable patient ID, and a written request to transfer your prescription to us. We will wait for your existing licensed holder to send us your medical document. Once our Customer Care Team receives your transferred medical document, we will contact you in order to complete our quick and easy renewal process .

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Getting Started

Understand the process to get access to medical cannabis and what to expect when registering and obtaining a medical document.


Talk to your healthcare practitioner

It’s important to involve your healthcare practitioner in your journey with medical cannabis. The information here is intended to aid in making the most of your medical appointment.


Orders and payment

Learn about the different ways you can order and pay for your products.



Find out more about our available shipping methods, so that you can anticipate a smooth delivery process.


Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage can be complicated for many people. Find out the ways in which we can help you navigate this process.


Manage your account

Resources to help you with any issues with your account. This includes changes to key contact and shipping details.


Find a clinic near you

Looking for a prescribing Healthcare Practitioner? Let us help you find a clinic.

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