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Talk to your healthcare practitioner

The formal authorization of a healthcare practitioner is required for you to gain access to medical cannabis. The information here is intended to aid you in making the most of your medical appointment.

How to talk to your healthcare practitioner about medical cannabis?

As your healthcare practitioner has an understanding of your medical history, they are the best person to consult about medical cannabis and also to guide you if you are eligible to take medical cannabis. There may be instances where your healthcare practitioner may be unfamiliar with medical cannabis or is hesitant to recommend it.

So, in order to have an open discussion with your healthcare practitioner, you should:

  • Go prepared with the information and ask how medical cannabis can benefit you.
  • Make a list of medications that you have tried to manage your condition/symptoms with and identify the ones that worked for you and the ones that didn’t.
  • Clearly identify the symptoms you feel can be managed effectively with medical cannabis.
  • Be honest and forthcoming with sharing information, including any research that you may have come across.

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Getting Started

Understand the process to get access to medical cannabis and what to expect when registering and obtaining a medical document.


Talk to your healthcare practitioner

It’s important to involve your healthcare practitioner in your journey with medical cannabis. The information here is intended to aid in making the most of your medical appointment.


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Find a clinic near you

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