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Get Started

This page clearly describes the process to help you get access to medical cannabis. To get access to medical cannabis, learn about the key steps here. If you are ready to sign-up, view your options to register.

How to get access to medical cannabis

Medical Document

Make an appointment with your healthcare practitioner and have them fill out your medical document. You can download or print a copy of the medical document from our website to provide to your healthcare practitioner to use and send to us.

The medical document can be submitted:

By fax

Your healthcare practitioner can send a copy to 1-844-295-6641

By mail

You can mail us the original copy of your medical document directly at CannTrust Inc. 3280 Langstaff Road, Unit 1 Vaughan, ON L4K 5B6. We will let you know as soon as your medical document has been confirmed, so you can start ordering.

Patient Registration

You can register with us online, by phone, by fax, or by mail.

Your patient registration form can be completed separately from your medical document, either before or after it has been granted. If you have a caregiver or are having your medical cannabis shipped somewhere other than a permanent residence, you will require some additional signatures as part of your registration. To register:


Please go to to complete the consolidated version of our form to begin the process. You may also download a copy of the appropriate forms below, and email us at

By phone

Reach out to our Customer Care Team. We are available during the week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and will be happy to guide you through the registration process.

By fax

Once you’ve completed the application form and have the Medical Document signed by your healthcare practitioner, have them fax both documents together to 1-844-295-6641.

By mail

Once you’ve completed the application form and have the medical document signed by your healthcare practitioner, mail the original copies to the following address:

CannTrust Inc.
3280 Langstaff Road, Unit 1
Vaughan, Ontario L4K 5B6

Looking for a referral from a healthcare practitioner who can guide you on medical cannabis?

Find a clinic or contact our Customer Care Team at 1-855-794-2266.


Registration forms

Registration Form A

Use this form for new patient registrations, if you have a permanent residence

Registration Form B

Use this form if you are without a residence and receive assistance from a shelter, hostel or similar institution in Canada.

Registration Form C

Use this form if a health care practitioner will be receiving your medical cannabis. There is a section they must fill out and sign as well.

If you are an existing patient and need to make a change to your account, see the Manage your account page

Send the completed forms to us at

3280 Langstaff road, Unit 1 Vaughan, Ontario L4K 5B6

Secure fax: 1-844-295-6641

Find out if you qualify for the Patient Assistance Program?

Call or email the estora Customer Care Team at 1-855-794-2266.

Learn more about medical cannabis

We believe our patients should be provided with scientifically accurate information about the treatment they are taking.

We have organized our education material for easy navigation so patients can learn with ease.

Ready for more?

Check out cannabis education section

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With you every step of the way

Getting Started

Understand the process to get access to medical cannabis and what to expect when registering and obtaining a medical document.


Talk to your healthcare practitioner

It’s important to involve your healthcare practitioner in your journey with medical cannabis. The information here is intended to aid in making the most of your medical appointment.


Orders and payment

Learn about the different ways you can order and pay for your products.



Get familiar with our shipping methods and delivery process, so that you can anticipate smooth arrival of your products.


Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage can be complicated for many people.


Manage your account

Resources to help you with any issues with your account. This includes changes to key contact and shipping details.


Find a clinic near you

Looking for support? Reach out to our Customer Care Team to get answers to your questions.

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